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The Amazing Harry Potter Shops You Won’t Find on Diagon Alley

The Amazing Harry Potter Shops You Won’t Find on Diagon Alley

These Harry Potter shops can be your very own Rooms of Requirement for all your wizarding needs. Filled to the brim with licensed Harry Potter gifts, a visit to each of these shops is a must for fans of the beloved film and book series. So, sit back, relax and pour yourself a butterbeer as we show where you can find all the magical merchandise your heart desires.

In no particular order…

Oliver’s Brighton

42 Trafalgar St, Brighton BN1 4ED

Naked lightbulbs hang from the ceiling, softly illuminating the veritable Gringotts vault of Harry Potter gifts and memorabilia which lies within. The award-winning Oliver’s Brighton fully transports you from the streets of London-by-the-sea to the hustle and bustle of Diagon Alley in an instant, with the naked brickwork walls and lush oak cabinets only adding to the unique and vibrant atmosphere of what has to be one of the best Harry Potter shops the UK has to offer.

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Mystical & Magical

Piece Hall, Halifax HX1 1RE

How ironic that Mystical & Magical are based in Halifax, as you'll be emptying your bank account in a hurry to purchase all the wonderful Harry Potter products that are waiting to be discovered within this superb shop. We aren't sure where the real sorcery in Mystical & Magical is, as it's either in the fantastic selection of merchandise available or how seamlessly it's all blended together within their four magnificent walls.

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Give the Dog a Bone

17 Fossgate, York, YO1 9TA

Set in the heart of York’s historic Fossgate, Give the Dog a Bone is a two-floor true delight for Potter fans with a wide variety of merchandise from the Wizarding World for you to get your hands on. What they’ve created at Give the Dog a Bone is a light and breezy shopping experience that really allows you to browse to your heart’s content. If that isn’t magical, we don’t know what is.

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North Yorkshire Moors Railways

12 Park Street, Pickering Station, Pickering, YO18 7AJ, Great Britain

Those who really know their Harry Potter trivia will know that the setting for Hogsmeade Station in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was Goathland Station of the North Yorkshire Moors Railways. So, where better to stop off for a quick Potter merchandise fix? Just be careful with your gold, as they have so many lovely products on offer that you might just be tempted to “take the lot!”.

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The Root of Magic

The Root of Magic, Unit 14, Cresswell Lane, Glasgow, G12 8AA

Stop the wizarding press, we’ve found it. The Root of Magic. A brilliant haven for Harry Potter fans filled with all sorts of magical merchandise that you won’t come across in your typical gift shop, this Glasgow based store even offers potion making classes so you can really indulge in your Hogwarts fantasies, “Now where’s the boomslang skin when you need it?”.

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Joco Gifts

Unit 5 Ropewalk Shopping Centre, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 5TZ, Great Britain

To step into Joco Gifts is to step into a hidden Harry Potter treasure trove thanks to the massive array of wizarding products that they’ve chosen to line their shelves with. A perfect pit-stop for any budding witch or wizard on a visit to Nuneaton, Joco Gifts is a truly delightful shopping experience with plenty for fans of the boy who lived to admire whether you’re looking for something for that special someone in your life, or for yourself (go on, you deserve it!).

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Razmatazz Geek Merchandise

18 St Alban Street, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 8BZ

What we love about Razmatazz Geek Merchandise is that just like the rest of us, they’re unashamed fans of all things pop-culture, making a visit to their store in the seaside town of Weymouth a fantastic journey into your favourite worlds from film and TV, including Harry Potter. Whether you’re in the market for a magic wand or a mug shaped like a potions class cauldron, Razmatazz is the place to be.

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Wizarding Boutique

7 Clonmel Street, Llandudno, LL30 2LE

Oh, how we wish we could create a portkey straight to the heart of the Wizarding Boutique. With a hearty atmosphere that isn’t too dissimilar from Ollivander’s famous wand shop on Diagon Alley, this shop in Llandudno is well worth a visit for their fantastic choice of Harry Potter gifts with everything from party supplies to officially licensed Hogwarts School travel cups. Yep, that’s right, the Wizarding World is going green too!

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Online, available in the UK and Europe

If you love Harry Potter and you haven’t heard of TruffleShuffle then you are in for a truly magical treat. This wonderful web store is bursting out of its digital seams with so much merchandise from the Wizarding World that you’ll struggle to figure out where to start. We advise picking your favourite house and just going from there, as like in your favourite Harry Potter adventures, you never know where you might end up.

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Cosmic Gifts

26 Queen St, Bridlington YO15 2SN, available online

All the Harry Potter gifts a fan could possibly need by the North East coastline? Cosmic Gifts is the place to be for anyone who’s ever dreamt of attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry thanks to the huge array of wizarding products they have on offer. Cosmic Gifts are also available to buy from online for those who can’t make it to the seaside, all at prices that won’t break your Gringotts bank account, depending on your level of self-restraint of course!

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Alnwick Castle Gift Shop

Alnwick Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 1NQ

Where better to satisfy your Harry Potter merchandise cravings than the actual filming location for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?! Alnwick Castle served as a backdrop for students going between classes in the first two Harry Potter films, and while you won’t find a crowd of robed witches and wizards heading from defence against the dark arts to potions here any time soon, you will find a great range of Harry Potter gifts well worth the journey to peruse.

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Museum Context

40 Victoria Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2JW

There’s no context required for this brilliant Harry Potter shop based in the beautifully antiquated streets of Edinburgh, which very much feels like you’re shopping in the Wizarding World on a normal day. But a visit to Museum Context is no ordinary visit, as soon the busy Edinburgh streets outside are forgotten as you marvel at all the amazing Harry Potter products within. A must for any fan on a visit to the Scottish capital.

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Cool Merch

Cross Keys Arcade, Salisbury, SP1 1EL

The clue is in the name, all Cool Merch do is, well, cool merch. Simply make your way to their fantastic store in Salisbury’s Cross Keys Arcade to see all their amazing merchandise for yourself, which of course includes a healthy dose of Harry Potter products to fill your wizarding boots with all the cool things gold (or a ‘swish and flick’ of your credit card) can buy. Cool Merch also have brilliant stores in both Basingstoke and Camberley. What are you waiting for? Go, go, go!

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The Shop That Must Not Be Named

30 Shambles, York, YO1 7LX

There are shops, and then there are shops that simply must not be named. It’s a bit of a mystery how this gorgeous Harry Potter store based in the heart of ancient York came to be quite so wand-wavingly brilliant, but you won’t be thinking about such questions when you visit here. Why? Because you’ll be too busy soaking in all the amazing Wizarding World gifts and merchandise to care. Mischief (well and truly) managed.

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Forbidden Planet

Several locations, Nationwide

If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan who really knows their charms from their curses, then Forbidden Planet is the perfect place to fill your merchandise quota for the next week/month/year. What makes Forbidden Planet so fantastic is that they really go the whole hog(warts) to ensure every kind of Potter fan is catered for, no matter which house the Pottermore quiz assigned you to. With so many locations across the UK, there’s never been a better time to find out what all the fuss is about.

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Online, available in the UK and Europe

Life is busy. Too busy. Some might say it’s even too busy to go trawling the high street looking for Harry Potter merchandise (madness, we know). Merchoid however, agree, it’s much better to sit back, relax and let one of the best collections of wizarding world product on the web spring into life on your phone screen to be delivered by muggle post to your front door with minimal effort put in by yourself. As Harry puts it himself, “I love magic”.

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Magic and Wonders

59 Wisbech Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 9AQ

Shelf upon shelf of amazing Harry Potter gifts. It’s what every fan of the boy who lived dreams of finding on their high street. The people of Spalding are very lucky then, as that’s exactly what they’ve got in Magic and Wonders, a wonderful shop designed for one purpose, to supply you with all the Harry Potter merchandise you can handle and then some. Be warned, you may need your very own version of Hermione’s bottomless bag to fit it all in!

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Several locations, Nationwide

The Harry Potter films have become all-time classics, but we’ve always got time for the original books penned by J.K. Rowling. If you’re of a similar mind, then Blackwell’s (which can be found in several locations across the country) is the perfect place to shop for Harry Potter merchandise while seeking out a new print of your old favourites. After all, it was Dumbledore himself who famously said that, “Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic”.

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The Two Broomsticks

3 Addison Street, Crook, County Durham, DL15 9EG

Wizards can unite under The Two Broomsticks, a truly magical emporium of Harry Potter goodness helping the good people of County Durham satisfy their merch cravings. Like a fine cask of butterbeer in the cellar of The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, The Two Broomsticks only improves with age, getting better each and every time you go back to the well for more of their wonderful wizarding giftware.

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Imaginarium Glastonbury

3 Market Place, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9HD

Nestled in a town that’s steeped in a magic of its own, Imaginarium Glastonbury is the perfect place to seek out the wizarding world merchandise and memorabilia that you’ve been longing for. With a huge range of magical notebooks, spellbinding homewares and charming novelty items to pick from, it’s no question that Imaginarium have more than earned their place in our list of the UK’s top Harry Potter shops.

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4 Grope Lane, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1XS

How many shops do you know that can provide you with your very own Quidditch robes? Labyrinth is a Harry Potter fan’s dream, a real-life Room of Requirement for all your wizarding needs with stationery, homewares, rucksacks and more. Always a pleasure to visit if you’re in this part of the world, Labyrinth is a spectacular example of a Harry Potter shop done right and a maze that you’ll actually want to get lost in.

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The Department of Magical Gifts

3 Peas Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3AD

Best. Department. Ever. The Department of Magical Gifts in Cambridge, a city with a certain special atmosphere of it’s own, is a joyous experience for Harry Potter fans, complete with rustic wooden cabinets that the genius Potter fans behind this fantastic shop have filled to the brim with wonderful gifts for friends, family or for your own personal collection. From the Diagon Alley sign to the antique trunks, there are hints of Harry Potter everywhere in The Department of Magical Gifts and has to be on the ‘must-visit’ list for anyone who grew up waiting for their letter from Hogwarts.

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