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Half Moon Bay's Frozen 2 Collection Has Arrived!

Half Moon Bay's Frozen 2 Collection Has Arrived!

The seasons come and go, but one thing stays the same; our dizzying excitement for the launch of Frozen 2 on the 22nd of November. That's right, in little over a month's time, the long-awaited sequel to 2013's instant Disney classic will finally arrive in UK cinemas with fan-favourite characters Anna, Elsa and everyone's favourite talking snowman Olaf taking to the silver screen once again.

To celebrate, Half Moon Bay have created an entire range of products inspired by Frozen 2. We're so excited to finally "Let it go" and show you all what we've been up to, be sure to let us know your favourite product on social media @HalfMoonBayLtd!

Spirits of Nature Bamboo Travel Mug

Frozen 2's trailers hint that we'll be seeing our favourite Frozen characters heading on a journey, and we're sure you'll agree, no journey is complete without coffee. Our team were inspired to create this fabulous eco-friendly bamboo travel mug for that very reason, which features grown-up artwork of Anna and Elsa on the front, while the "Spirits of Nature" slogan on the reverse is perfect for a mug as harmonious with the natural world as this one.

In My Element Water Bottle

Now as much as 'Let it go' made us all feel like Ice Queens in our own right, the facts of the matter are that we don't have ice powers, and we most likely never will. However, you don't need Elsa's touch of ice to keep your water cool as our team have created this brilliant metal water bottle instead, featuring stylish artwork of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Sven. Squad goals, are we right?

Journey A5 Notebook

Sometimes, when you're in the midst of a busy 9-5, finding the motivation to be at your best can be tough. Using the inspiring messages of Frozen 2, we've created this A5 Notebook to keep you organised, so you can concentrate on being the best you. You'll find high quality artwork throughout the notebook, and with ruled pages, it's ideal for taking to university too.

In My Element Cosmetic Bag

Now, we aren't quite sure how Elsa stays looking at her queenly best through thick and thin, but what we are sure of is keeping your favourite cosmetic items safe and secure on any journey is a priority. This Frozen 2 Cosmetic Bag is designed for that very purpose, so you can know that your must-have bits and bobs are always within an arms reach. And just look at how beautiful those illustrations are.

Anna & Elsa Heat Changing Mug

Lots of what we've seen of Frozen 2 involves themes of changing seasons, you can see where we're going with this, can't you? Here at Half Moon Bay, we're known for our heat changing mug designs, and we've created another fabulous mug to celebrate the new film. When you pour hot liquid into this mug, the navy blue background behind Anna and Elsa transforms into an autumnal landscape, perfect for a morning coffee during these colder months!

Olaf Accessory Dish

Available from November.

"Do you want to build a snowman?". Featuring a lovingly crafted depiction of everyone's favourite talking snowman, Olaf, this fabulous accessory dish is our unique Frozen spin on one of our most popular product formats and we think that the oh-so-cute 3D Olaf makes this one of our best accessory dishes yet... And he doesn't even melt in summer!


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Frozen 2 launches in cinemas on November 22nd 2019.